The extra mile: Speed Coach Milton Qualls


Reprinted from Los Angeles Sentinel: “The extra mile: Speed Coach Milton Qualls

By Jason Lewis
Los Angeles Sentinel Sports Editor

Speed is of great importance to every athlete, and speed coach Milton Qualls knows how to get it out of you…instantly!

Qualls does not believe in doing the same thing over and over just to see results way down the line.

“You should feel that improvement today, and then anticipate greater improvement over time,” Qualls said.

Qualls created IQ Athletics to help athletes greatly improve at the sport that they are playing.

“The whole way I go about training people is by using their intelligence to move their physical self,” Qualls said. “IQ is like intelligent quota. I try to raise the intelligent quota of a given individual so that they can use more of their physical self.”

Qualls teaches his athletes that running harder is not the only way to get faster, but running smarter plays an important part. Proper technique, and more importantly balance, makes a huge difference.

Correct balance and using proper form can instantly knock down a 40-yard dash time.

Qualls knows his stuff, and he has coached some big time athletes. He grew up in Los Angeles, graduated from Hamilton high school, where he went state in the 400-meter dash and hung out with athletes such as Warren Moon and Rod Martin. He began his track and field coaching career at Venice high school in the early ‘80s, and then moved on to become the head coach at West LA College.

Many athletes that he coached at West LA went on to universities, but they would return in the summer to workout with Qualls.The most notable athlete that Qualls coached was Keyshawn Johnson. The West LA football coaches did not know what Qualls did with Johnson, but when football training began they instantly noticed that Johnson was faster.

“What we think about technique or form, when we look at runners like Keyshawn Johnson and a lot of other guys, when you look at them run, there’s a certain balance and symmetry to the way they run,” Qualls said. “To the way they move. The beginning is balance, and technique all begins with balance. It’s how the levers move, and help each other, which helps the whole body move uniformly. Technique to me is taking something still, and then speeding it up and not losing the form.”

Qualls training is not just line up and doing a lot of sprinting. To work on balance he uses a lot of gymnastic equipment, such as the balance bow. He says that his workouts exercise the neuromuscular pathways, which help the body to perform at a much higher level. A lot of his training is on one leg, which improves balance.

Brentwood football player Chris Proctor has benefited from Qualls training. Proctor was one of the slower players on the team before Qualls got a hold of him. But now he is one of the fastest players and has become their leading tackler.

Qualls stands behind his training, and says that if an athlete does not see improvements the first day, he’ll give him or her their money back.

“I’ve discovered in my training is that people are a lot faster than they think they are,” Qualls said. “They just lack information. IQ Athletics. Give them intelligent information, get fast results.”

Qualls can be reached through his website,